About Us

We are a collective of theatrical intimacy professionals working in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) who advocate for best practices in order to foster a culture of care, consent, and healthy boundaries by educating local theatre artists and organizations and building pathways of connection amongst our community of intimacy professionals.

Our History (or even more about us)

In December 2020, a group of intimacy choreographers, coordinators, and educators gathered together - both as a means of creating community within our burgeoning field of intimacy direction and as a way to support conversations about equity and consent-based practices in the Seattle and broader PNW theatrical community. We hope this website will become an online gathering place and collection of resources for local theatre companies, fellow intimacy professionals, and the regional theatre community.

Initial collaborators on this project have included Francesca Betancourt, Ian Bond, Kate Drummond, Lee Ann Hittenberger, Alyssa Kay, Maggie Larrick, Emily Rollie, Jess K Smith, Alyza DelPan-Monley and more.