PNW Theatrical Intimacy Professionals Database

Looking for an intimacy choreographer, coordinator, or director in Seattle and the PNW? 

As a collective, PNW Theatrical Intimacy strives to create community and support consent-based, equitable practices in our local theatrical community.  This is place to see who is working in this field in our area and how they might fit for your project.  

The intimacy professionals listed have varying training backgrounds, affiliations, specialties, and cultural competencies. However, all IPs included in the collective agree to the PNW Theatrical Intimacy mission and values.

Please note:
PNW Theatrical Intimacy is a collective of artists who specialize in intimacy choreography, coordination, & direction. We are not a certification or endorsement body, as we recognize a diversity of qualification and training backgrounds. We encourage you to see which intimacy professional has the skills, training, & competencies best suited for your project. 

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Are you looking for an intimacy professional to support an upcoming project? Check out our database of PNW intimacy professionals.